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The Power of Small Wins

The Power of a Small Win

Most of us dream about the things we desire to do with our lives. We often set ambitious goals and dream of achieving grand successes. We tend to be big picture focused. So we normally approach things from a bigger is better mentality. We´re looking for the big win.

So, it's easy to underestimate the profound impact that small wins can have on our path to success. I´d like for us to focus on the power of a small win and how it can serve as a catalyst for achieving our larger goals.

What is a small win?

A small win is any accomplishment, no matter how minor, that moves you forward toward a larger objective or goal. The key is that it should be something achievable and tangible, something small but significant in the sense that it moves the needle.

Small wins have an incredible impact on our self-confidence. When we achieve something, even if it's relatively minor, it sends a signal to our brain that we are capable of success. This boost in confidence can have a ripple effect on our overall mindset. We begin to believe in ourselves and our abilities, which, in turn, propels us to aim higher and work harder towards more significant goals.

Success, no matter how small, acts as a potent motivator. It provides us with a taste of what it feels like to achieve, and we want more of it.

"Research has shown that of all forms of human motivation the most effective one is progress. Why? Because a small, concrete win creates momentum and affirms our faith in our future success." Essentialism, Greg McKeown

Small wins keep us engaged and motivated, making us more willing to put in the effort required to achieve our larger objectives. They act as stepping stones along the path to success, helping us persevere through the challenges and setbacks that are part of any journey.

Small wins also serve as markers for our progress. They allow us to track our advancement and celebrate how far we've come. This tracking of progress helps us stay focused on our goals and prevents us from feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of a long-term goal. It's like navigating a path with signposts along the way, ensuring that we're heading in the right direction..

Small wins also offer opportunities for learning. When we achieve something, we can analyze what worked and improve on it. Small wins are generative. They offer an opportunity for reflection and improvement. This iterative approach can lead to more efficient strategies and improved performance as we pursue more substantial goals.

On a personal note, today I benched 225 lbs. (approx. 102 kg). Not a big deal for some, but it was a goal that I set three months ago when I was starting over and benching 135 lbs. (61 kg). There was a steady flow of small wins along the way that kept me motivated and feeling like the 225 was doable.

First small win was showing up on the designated days to workout. Second, trusting and sticking to the process which allowed me to set benchmarks along the way. Third, monitoring my progress consistently by taking notes during and after each workout so that I could approach the next workout in a better way. All these small wins led to achieve my three month goal.

The power of a small win should not be underestimated. While grand achievements are certainly worthy of celebration, it's the accumulation of small wins that paves the way for those greater successes. Small wins boost our confidence, maintain our motivation, allow us to track progress, and help us learn and improve.

Here´s to a happier healthier you!!

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