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The Benefits of a Morning Workout

I picked this up a few years ago and it´s never left me. “Win the morning, win the day.”

For me, it´s the idea that what I do in the morning has the potential to set the tone for the rest of my day.

Apart from reading and journaling first thing in the morning, I´ve establish the habit of an early morning workout.

Here are some of the benefits I´ve experienced:

Morning exercise helps boost your energy levels and metabolism, setting a positive tone for the rest of the day. Physical activity in the morning can enhance alertness and focus for up to two hours after the workout. Exercise has been shown to enhance productivity and creativity. This means you can get some of your best work done right after a workout!

Working out in the morning helps establish a consistent exercise routine. Let´s face it, “I´ll get to it later,” rarely happens. There´s too many opportunities for things to get in the way. Life happens!

Since mornings are generally less prone to unexpected events or scheduling conflicts, it's easier to stick to a regular workout schedule. That´s why the earlier, the better. An added benefit for gym goers: relatively fewer individuals working out in the morning equals less time - if any - to wait for a machine/bench/weights. You get in, get it done, and are out faster. Win, win people!!

Morning exercise can boost your metabolism, helping your body burn calories more efficiently throughout the day. This can be particularly beneficial for weight management and overall health. You can also exercise on an empty stomach encouraging the body to burn more stored fat for energy.

Regular morning exercise can contribute to better sleep patterns. Physical activity helps regulate circadian rhythms and promotes a more restful night's sleep. Good sleep is important for recovery. Muscles heal and grow from the workout while you sleep. Planning the recovery is as important as the workout.

One last thing! A good consistent morning routine starts the night before. This requires giving thought to adequate bedtime to achieve the amount of sleep necessary for recovery and so that you´re not dragging in the morning.

A good practice to adopt is setting a “power down” time. For most, this means shutting down all electronics and easing yourself into a more relaxed state before going to bed. You can also use this time to set out all you will need for a smooth transition in the morning.

You may not be a morning person, but I encourage you to try this and see what it does for you. You might be surprised by the outcome.

Here´s to discovering a happier healthier you in 2024

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