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Why We Created Deep Dive Five: The Good Life

Charlotte and I started WBHI six years ago with a specific set of beliefs. Those beliefs are what we use to guide us through what we do at WBHI.

At WBHI we believe that life was meant to be a beautiful and courageous adventure. That you´re never too old and it´s never to late to live the life you desire. We also believe that your past does not have to determine your future. Who you were is not as important as who you are becoming and that you were never meant to do it alone. We thrive in true genuine community.

There´s a lot happening in the world. For many of us, life has gotten more challenging and navigating through these turbulent times has become more difficult. The vision of a better life, a good life, is fading away.

We are currently facing an epidemic of loneliness and depression. The paradox of connectivity and feelings of isolation is ubiquitous. The more connected we are, the less connected we feel.

I´ve spent the last two years reading and learning about true connection and what it means to live a “Good Life.” What I´ve discovered is that what we really want is very different than the messaging we´re getting from media, culture and the world around us.

I´d like to share what I´ve learned with you through a five part series I´m calling Deep Dive Five: The Good Life.

In this series I´ll be taking groups of five people through a journey of personal discovery where we will explore the essential elements of the “Good Life” and invite each one to experience a deeper more vibrant and meaningful life.

Five people … five weeks … five live sessions.

The groups will have the opportunity to explore and define what the good life means to them, to create genuine connection, share ideas, and build lasting relationships in a safe environment of nonjudgement and acceptance.

Sign-ups for the groups will begin April 1st.

Until then, here´s to discovering a happier healthier you in 2024!

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