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What I´m Working on: Life Vision 2024

Normally, right after the Thanksgiving holiday, I start to think about and plan for the following year. This past year was great. Charlotte and I were able to experience so many new and wonderful things but it lacked the focus of previous years. That was intentional. It was a year of just going with the flow. Moving forward I want to return to a more focused vision and approach to what I desire for my life – which I will refer to as my life vision for this coming year.

Here are the areas that I´m currently working on: I like to keep it simple. I love Tim Farris´ idea of starting every project with “What´s the easiest way to do this?” There´s no sense in complicating things. The more complicated the less that chance that there will be any consistent follow through.

My focus is simplicity in my approach to every endeavor. I also buy into the idea of 1% commitment to consistent improvement. The approach is to do your best at the smallest level that will gain traction and looking to improve every day. You´re not limited to the 1%. That´s the baseline. It makes it easier to show up every day, thus building the consistency that will overflow into the remaining 99%.

My commitment is to 1% improvement. Anything more is icing on the cake. Following through keeps me in integrity with myself and increases my motivation to continue.

The application of the above two perspectives are implemented in the following:

Clear Vision … see what you want your life to be … in the details. Many of us do not have a vision for our lives. We exist simply on a day to day basis and are unable to see beyond our present state. Other´s have a vision of what they would like their lives to be, but it is not focused and therefore ambiguous.

Ambiguity never gets us what we really want.

It´s funny how many people want to live by the beach. I hear it all the time. This is their dream life. When I ask, “Which beach, where?” and I ask them to describe the house to me, most can´t answer. Apparently, any beach or house will do. There is a lack of details in their vision and therefore a sense of randomness. Vision needs to be focused enough that you can pick out the details. It´s important that you know exactly what you want.

Your “want” doesn´t need to be exotic and complicated. I recommend simplicity and clarity. A vision for a life full of meaning and purpose that is not complicated and driven by consumption but rather focused on genuine human connection and service.

Which brings me to the next area. Having a deep understanding and grasp of why you want this specific life for yourself.

When we reach a crossroads or crisis, and we will, we will be given the opportunity to deviate from, abandon, or continue our journey towards our life vision. The choice will be determined by how deep we understand our reason for having started this journey and how connected we are to the heart of it.

Some decisions require your head, others the heart. The best decisions consist of engaging both.

The best way of articulating the reason why is to go deep into the questions that will help verbalize the importance of your life vision.

I offer the following: In what ways will my life vision provide meaning, purpose, and fulfillment to my life? How will my life change? What will I have that is presently not a part of my life experience? Who do I get to share this with? Who wins? Who needs me to win?

The human race suffers from amnesia, so it´s important that you write your answers down and revisit these questions often. Not just to remember, but also to allow yourself the opportunity to get anchored deeper to the reasons why you chose this journey.

Once that´s settled, we can move onto the planning and implementation phase. Just because you want, it, wish it, or desire it doesn´t mean that it will happen and you´ll manifest it. You always have to do the work and that work is the result of a carefully thought out plan consisting of goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART Goals).

This is where the focus on simplicity and the commitment to 1% progress comes in. Here´s why I press the importance of this:

"Research has shown that of all forms of human motivation the most effective one is progress. Why? Because a small, concrete win creates momentum and affirms our faith in our future success." Greg McKeown, Essentialism

You can develop this plan yourself, or you can work with a mentor or coach that will bring knowledge and experience to the equation that you do not currently possess. Coaching/mentoring can collapse that time in reaching your life vision. Plus there is the added benefit of accountability and support.

Last thing I´d like to address is the importance of discipline. Discipline is about consistency. It's the daily commitment to your goals and the unwavering determination to see them through.

Discipline promotes gradual sustainable progress. It encourages you to pace yourself, make steady efforts (my mantra - 1% progress every day), and build habits that lead to long-term success.

Discipline is an internal force that you can cultivate, harness, and strengthen.

If you´ve obtained a clear detailed life vision and are securely anchored to the reasons you chose the journey towards it´s fulfillment, discipline will foster the resilience you need to keep moving forward, even in the face of adversity.

I trust that you will find this post helpful as you set out to develop your life vision for 2024. Here´s to discovering a happier healthier you! Want to see about working with a seasoned coach with a proven track record? Contact me: Like Comment Share

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