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Vision is infused imagination

Vision is …

“Without a vision the people perish.” This quote comes from ancient Hebrew wisdom literature. Some scholars have translated it from the original language to mean something like, “Where there is no vision, people wander aimlessly about.” These words, this thought, transcends time and culture. It sits comfortably at the table of universal truth. Without a vision we exist in a state of aimless wandering. There is movement without progression, activity without accomplishment. Thus, the importance of having a vision for one’s life. So, what is vision? It’s much more than the ability to see. Vision is the imaginative thought before the creative action. It is imagination infused with purpose and meaning. Vision is the catalyst for great achievement empowered by the faith and hope of what can be. What is your life vision? The world is waiting to know. It's time to set the angel free.

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