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Up the Love

Up the Love

Oh, what we wouldn’t do for love. We would sacrifice everything for the ones we love – without hesitation. When it comes to love there “ain’t no mountain high enough, no valley low enough, no river wide enough…” Eastern poets declared love greater than death. Spiritual literature elevates love above faith and hope and believed love to be better than wine – so intoxicating.

Take everything you know and have experienced concerning love – all the best parts of love, including feeling all the wonderful feels and apply that to yourself.

Does love for self, self-love – leave you feeling for yourself all the best parts of the love you would experience with someone else. How would your life change if you began to do for you all the things we do for love? “How do I love ME…let me count the ways…” The capacity to love your neighbor flows from the love we have for ourselves. In Christian literature it is one of the highest commandments. It’s a win/win!!! Finish this year by upping the love and carrying all that positive energy into the new year. In the end the Beatles were right, “All you need is love..”

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