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Rooted in Potential

Organically developed. The seed anchors itself deeper before it can begin the journey upward.

Breaking through layers of sediment until it reaches light and catches its first invigorating breath.

We see the flower and want to take it home. Admire its beauty and inhale its fragrance. We never admire the root system. No one wants to take that home.

Underneath, in the darkness, the dirt, grime, the manure is where the effort resides. The work done there supports the thing that has blossomed.

We are enamored with the visual. We admire the creation that has broken through but not the toil of the underground.

Transformation of a seed to plant to flower is a shared experience. The womb is a dark place, the growth uncomfortable, and delivery painful. Yet the breaking into the light, the emergence of new life full of potential and possibility is amazing.

Your dream is that seed anchored in its potential incrementally breaking through.

The toil, struggle, the pain. The long hours and loneliness that no one sees is a part of the process.

Nelson Mandela was asked what he did during his time of imprisonment. His response was, “Preparing.” You are preparing. You are breaking through and when you bloom, people will admire what you have created. We all want to take the flower home and admire the accomplishment, breathe in the fragrance of success. But only a few really understand and appreciate the beauty of the work done underground.

Don’t forget, the mighty oak is nothing more than an acorn that stood its ground.

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